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Marg and I were childhood friends and hadn't seen each other for over 44 years. We got together this May (2011) for a reunion of high school girl friends. I knew nothing of the gift she possesses.

One evening Marg asked me if I had any pain in my chest and I told her I have to tell myself to breath every now and then. Marg, in her quiet straightforward way, said It was a betrayal issue and with that I burst into tears (surprising me!) knowing instantly where the emotional pain was coming from. Over the years I thought I had let go of the loss of this friendship but obviously I had not.

It took Marg all of 5 minutes to take me through some exercises and the weight I was carrying was completely gone. I was not aware of the heaviness I was living with until it was lifted from me. I literally felt as if I were walking a foot off the ground. Thank you, Marg



Marg worked on my horse and she informed me that the pain was not in the hind leg, as my horse was indicating but in the front leg.  So when the vet shows up and questions if the pain is really in the hind leg but may being the nerves in the front, I yelled "Marg was right"  Obviously, she convinced me she knew how to work with my animals.



I called Marg on one night and talked to her about not being able to ride in the show that week-end as my horse came up lame.  She worked on him and he next day, he was just fine and I was able to ride him that week-end at the show.  She was great with my horse.



In January 2009, I fell backwards and hit my head on a concrete support column. I was knocked unconscious, and then fell to the concrete floor. I was taken to the ER, where they did x-rays and CT scans of my neck and head, stitched my head and diagnosed me with a concussion. I was given a shot and a prescription for pain, and sent home.

When I went for the follow up to get my staples removed, I told the doctor that my left arm was numb and that my elbow hurt. He told me I would probably be sore for a few days and gave me an additional prescription for pain. The pain didn't go away. I tried my personal doctor, an accupuncturist, a chiropractor, and a masseuse. Nothing helped. Then a friend suggested I see Marg Heeney and we followed up with three phone call sessions.

From the first meeting and continuing through the phone call sessions, Marg picked up on things no one knew - including me: re-occuring head traumas and a broken bone no where near my elbow! We worked through my pain over the phone, and my doctor did a series of x-rays and discovered I had a broken 1st rib and fractured collar bone exactly where Marg said it was. Apparently, 1st rib fractures are very rare and if it weren't for Marg, I can't imagine anyone would have found the cause of my elbow pain. Thanks Marg, for putting an end to a painful chapter!

Nashville TN


As one healer to another, I've found Marg's work as a Yuen practitioner remarkable. Healers need their own healing posse, and I absolutely could not keep my balance at times without Marg's assistance. Whether it be struggles with family dynamics, personal obstacles, or professional relationships, I can always count on swift and informed clearings that bring me back to centered-ness and grounding.

Sally H.
Nashville TN


Human Beings tend to fear what they don't understand. And fear can manifest iself in many ways - including a complete dismissal of any possibility that a new approach could actually be effective. Just because we don't understand something, does not mean that it cannot work... or that it isn't real. I don't know how jets take off from airports, but I know they do. I have no idea how Marg is able to do what she does, but at the same time I know that it does work! And, at the end of the day, that's really all I need to know.

John S.


I was in the worst downward spiral of my life - no job, etc. Marg worked with me over the phone and everything began to shift - the depression, the securing of a place to live, all of it. Her work is truly amazing and was given with the love that Marg has always had in her heart that drives her desire to help people. So much thanks!

Chicago IL


I was feeling ill with headache, body aches, and intestinal upset. For a week I was unable to eat or drink anything warm because of the intestinal reaction and I was having trouble sleeping. I had no energy and felt "fuzzy" headed. I talked to Marg on the phone. She asked me a few questions and went through a energetic clearing with me. She gave me some ideas of food items that might help me. The first thing that happened was that I felt clarity in my thinking. I was able to sleep 7 hours that night and in the morning I was headache free and my intestinal problem regulated itself. I feel as if Marg helped re-set my whole body and for that I thank her very much!

Jackson MS