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Marg Heeney


About Marg Heeney


At an early age, Marg knew she had skills to heal others and their pain. She knew at about age 12 that she could feel other’s pain or discomfort, but at the time, she did not know what to do with this information. She knew her keen empathic sense would take her along a service path but she did not know at the time how to make it happen. Then her formal educational training in social work evolved into working in clinical programs and working with individuals on a one-on-one setting in out-patient mental health clinics.

After 10 years in mental health and community clinics, Marg elected to take a break and try her hand at sales. She spent 15 years in sales of IT software and benchmarking data. She then became a consultant in a healthcare organization and worked directly with hospitals.

During her journey in working as a consultant, she incorporated her ability to identify different energy fields and the impact it had with individuals and organizations. She began "seeing" individuals' homes and the energies that were present—helpful or not.  She was able to clear their homes and saw the impact on the person and how impactful the changes were for them.

Her gifts expanded into "seeing" energy fields around individuals as loved ones or guides and angels. Soon it became clear to Marg that she had to focus her time learning techniques to further her understanding of energy work and healing. The formal training in Reiki Master, Transference Healing, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), and Yuen Method enhanced her abilities to work with individuals.

Marg is able to combine her intuitive and counseling skills with her knowledge of energy work and individuals' guides and angels to assist them with the healing process to clear pain - both physical and emotional. She works with individuals, environments, and animals.